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'Light With Hope' by Jenny Zhe Chang

278 lanterns, representing all the known spoken languages in Melbourne, hung on the branches of 16 trees at Birrarung Marr along the Yarra River. The installation delivered a message of refuge, for those venturing into the unknown and seeking a better life. 

Co-produced by the City of Melbourne, Testing Grounds & ACCA.


'Duty of Care' by Morwenna Schenck

An interactive pop-up propagation station – an intimate encounter with local ecologies through a moment of reciprocity, where you learn how to make smoke water, germinate seeds and how native plants thrive and survive.

Co-produced by the City of Melbourne, Testing Grounds & ACCA.


'Channel' by Georgia Nowak

1300 litres of polluted stormwater siphoned from the Yarra River below, filled a two-metre-high clear tank installed on a bridge. Using natural filtering systems the artist tested if the water would turn more clear and become less polluted over 10 days.

Co-produced by the City of Melbourne, Testing Grounds & ACCA.

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 7.01.48 pm.png

Knowledge Economy 

A series of videos that get your creative juices flowing with some fascinating & unique how to’s – from five artists, who filmed DIY demonstrations on their phones, during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants.

CDC Lunch_May (Keelan O_Hehir)-157.jpg

Jo Ha Kyu Lunch

A pot-luck of creative offerings, exploring how to dramaturg and curate a Sunday lunch.


Co-curated with Mark Pritchard and presented by the Centre for Dramaturgy and Curation.


Jaffle Symposium

A series if discussions, where we listen to interesting people talk about interesting things while making and eating jaffles around the fire.

Presented by Testing Grounds in 2018 and 2019.

Showtime Night Market Feb (Keelan O_Hehi

Showtime Night Market

A different take on the night market idea, where you can learn to pick locks, play an ice trumpet, hack old televisions, make a vacuum caster, play the drums and more...

A collaboration with Rose St Markets, produced by Molly Braddon and presented by Testing Grounds.

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The Hunt Conduct a Site Analysis

A camping trip with horror performance group The Hunt, conducting a site analysis of an old quarry, asking "what is scary about this?". The answer was presented as a live performance and exhibition of 100 knives taped to 100 mops- something that just isn't right.

Exhibited at Trocadaro Art Space.



For 30 minutes a group of artists created an unfocused rally on the street, waving non-stop, to the beat of a drum kit, displaying various signs and placards, with no central message. 

Presented as a part of Critical Mass, a collaboration with BMI, Blak Dot gallery and Siteworks.

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An exhibition of paintings and photographs, presented one-by-one on a stage revolve to a seated audience.

Presented at the Abbotsford Convent as a part of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016.


A. Time-based Exhibition

Seven visual artists come together to explore the notion of industrialised time, creating temporal artworks in a room where you can see the light shift over one hour, accompanied by a single clock and a musical score.

Presented at Allpress Studio.

TNV 1.jpg

The New Vanguard

Five artists explore different notions of "projection" (with only one artist using an actual projector) surprising audiences with what to expect from a projection festival.

Co-curated by Yandell Walton, presented at Seventh gallery and as a part of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2015.

15-EOI-Love_City III The PLANETARY- Arti

Love/City III: The Planetary

One spectacular night of video, installation, performance and music, exploring how our experiences of love are affected by our image of the earth, looking back from the moon.

Presented at Testing Grounds and the final event in the Love/City Curatorial Trilogy.


Love/City II: Of Time and Country

Over twenty five artists come together to create one great night of performance, collective action, projection art, music and installations, exploring how our national identity affects our ideas of love. 

Presented at Testing Grounds and the second event in the Love/City Curatorial Trilogy. 


Love/City I: Love in the City

Down a laneway, up some stairs and inside a decrepit old space in China Town, over twenty-five artists make video, performance, music and installations, exploring how our experiences of a city affect our ideas about love.

Presented in a pop-up space in Globe Ally and the first event in the Love/City Curatorial Trilogy.


Digital Outlawed

For my first ever foray into curating as a student I challenged a group of new media artists to make new work without using any digital technology. As a group we asked "has digital media become a criterion of contemporary art?"

Presented at Raglan Street Gallery.

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